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Church Groups - The Sanctuary Keepers

Sanctuary Keepers.

Have you ever wondered why the church is usually so pristine and clean? It is so because we have committed men and women, devoted to making sure that the house of God is clean and tidy to ensure His welcoming presence in our services.

Members of this unique service group have the following responsibilities:

- Maintaining a well-organized and orderly use of the Sanctuary before, during and after Services

- Ensuring that the Church convenience rooms are kept clean, presentable and necessary facilities are available at all times

- Providing adequate directions regarding conveniences and other sanitary facilities within the church premises

- Arranging the sanctuary and other areas to meet the needs of our various types of services

- Carrying out proper waste management within the church premises

- Ensuring that adequate air conditioning and heating is maintained in liaison with the technical team

Members of this department are the divine hands of righteousness. You can become part of this team by filling the online form or getting a hard copy of the application form from the Church office.

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The Presiding Bishop has named these 12 areas of emphasis as the 12 Pillars of our Commission. We have stood firm upon these twelve stones and they have resulted in breakthroughs - both for the ministry and all that are partakers of the same grace with us.

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